Life is..

  • busy
  • tough
  • a race
  • a game
  • a constant struggle
  • too short
  • strange
  • not a bed of roses
  • a war

we all are so busy, aren’t we?

And, others just don’t seem to not understand us; Or how busy we are.

It’s tough to compete with all the competitors. And if you stop you will start falling behind, just as it happens in a race. Nobody has ever really taught us how to play this game of life and how to win.

We just keep on our constant struggle to stay ahead in this game.

No matter how much effort we put, life seems to be too short to learn its game.

It’s strange how people live a good life. Because life doesn’t look like a bed of roses and instead it’s like a war (“dangal dangal”).

It’s confusing how the most advanced species seems to have explored & introduced a million ways to complicate the definition of life. But haven’t really found one real solution to it.

Or perhaps, just love to over-complicate a simple thing, just because they can.

I am also doing the same as I have been stating the obvious so far.

I believe life should be busy, else there is less to differentiate with the dead, And you can be busy exploring all the colours of life and not just one which says success, achievement, hard work or good looks.

And it's tough to just live it. I mean like finding the perfect show on Netflix. Or bearing with the fact that people dying of hunger in Africa while you are finding your show.

I know a few of Usain bolts are reading this and really are serious about winning this race of life. Just let me know where the medals are distributed ? Heaven ? Hell ? And also percentile basis or just percentage basis.

Well, as far as I know in this game, we really just earn friends in our life with whom we might like to spend our time when we grow older. And, defeating everyone in the race won’t get you any.

There are also constant struggles, one, to get together and find the perfect ways to live or heal others. Two, to find ways to end the struggle and “win” followed by you motivating others to struggle.

I mean — food, shelter, health that's all any living creature needs to live. And, you are thinking you cannot live without that 99 percentile or iPhone Max of Max or unless you get that Taj Mahal under your name.

Does it even matter ? Life is too short. You are gonna be dead in 100 years(or prove me wrong and live more), nobody cares after that. They only gonna be either busy watching reels of others — or posting their reels with some random picture of yours tagged RIP after you die. It’s strange right.

Btw, I don’t know who said it, may be a gardener. That life is not a bed of roses, else thorns aren’t gonna let you sleep.

Anyways, you can be at a war with yourself or others. And this war is called life but in this one everyone, everything, every thought is gonna die eventually.

Summarising it all, the moral of the story. TBH, I didn’t get the time to write the moral of the story as I was “busy”. Peace✌.

P.S. — if you learned any morals let me know too.



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